Металлическая фибра Фибрафлекс®

WEBAC® 150 is a universally applicable PU injection foam resin, designed for the fast and temporary stopping of pressing water.

Range of application

  • Crack repair in concrete
    • Tested according to ZTV-ING (RISS)
    • Registered with the BASt list, tested/monitored by IBMB
  • Filling cavities/voids in masonry and concrete in case of water ingress
  • Sealing of foundation pits (material curtain - curtain injection in adjacent foundation soil): sheet pile wall, bore pile wall, underwater concrete
  • Sealing in hydraulic engineering e.g. (drinking) water tanks
  • Shaft repair
  • Sealing of anchor heads in special civil engineering
  • Curtain injection without adding accelerator according to National Technical Approval


  • Mixing ratio 1 : 1
  • Fast and highly expanding foam
  • Foam structure not too rigid
  • Universally applicable, reliable application
  • Adjustable reaction time (accelerator WEBAC® B15)
  • Good reactivity and extraordinary resistance to alkaline water up to pH-value 13


  • Injection by 1C or 2C pump

PU injection foam resin WEBAC® 150: stopping water when repairing cracks

The fast foam WEBAC® 150 is used for fast and temporarily stopping water when repairing cracks. Injection foam resins are characterized by their strong increase in volume. This is why fast foam can also be used in case of highly pressing water. The 2C foam WEBAC® 150 is thus also suitable for use in dam building, tunnel construction, bridge building and special civil engineering. 

Injection foam resin WEBAC® 150: resistant to substances detrimental to the building structure

The fast foam resin WEBAC® 150 is compatible with concrete, steel, masonry mortar, foil and cable sheathing. WEBAC PU fast foam resins are resistant to lyes, acids and salts detrimental to the building structure if their concentration usually found in building structures is not exceeded. To ensure permanent sealing of cracks, a secondary injection with PU injection resins is carried out.